“Gossamer,” by Kimmera Madison

July 29, 2010 at 4:38 pm (Formal) (, , , , )

TBSC Gossamer 1

Gossamer is a goddess gown that YOU get to wear thanks to Kimmera Madison of Tres Beau (disclaimer: dress does not come with fawning mortals).

TBSC Gossamer 3

This gorgeous dress floats and shimmers around you in a cloud of sparkling iridescent organza. The gold etched bodice is sleeveless and repeats the beautiful golds and subtle purples over the bra. An empire waist slightly gathers in the organza before the free fall of beautiful folds that flute at the end in sculpted lace for edging. Kimmera pulls the front up and slopes the dress to the back in a beautiful line that adds to the effect of walking in a cloud.

TBSC Gossamer 4

The dress has a stunning component jewelled catch under the bust and matching earrings. The catch holds a lovely shaped and sculpted matching lace piece that just takes this dress to angelic .. adding interest and drawing the eye upward.

This beautiful dress is perfect for an exotic summer night with the warmth of a velvet evening wet against your skin. It is gorgeous on the dance floor as you swirl in the arms of your special someone, catching the light… This dress is a must for your summer wardrobe.

TBSC Gossamer 2

It is available instore now and retails for $1000L

SKIN: Exodi
DRESS: Tres Beau
SHOES: M’Lady’s
NECKLACE: Terra D’Ombra
POSES: BehaviorBody
SIM: Rustica


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“Petals” by Kimmera Madison

April 16, 2010 at 3:05 pm (Casual) (, , , , )

TBSC Petal 1

“Petal” by Kimmera Madison of Tres Beau fulfills the fantasy of every girl to be smothered in a bed of rose petals. This dress comes sans the Prince Charming to do that for you because everyone knows Prince Charming is a fantasy character and not at all real like the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny which rumour has it, Nave Fall will be playing in a compilation piece bridging those two characters with the tragic hero of Macbeth in an updated version of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy … complete with leotards, tutu and basket … Kimmera is working on the outfit right now …I know , I know .. She is incredible!!!

Anyways .. This dress is incredible soft and beautiful .. The colours are so delicate you can feel the petals against your skin. The sleeves and the hem look as if each petal has been hand sewn into place. It gives the impression of being hugged in rose petals. You can almost imagine how decadent that would feel .. and the aroma … wow!

There are so many choices with this dress – you can make the hem simpler – soft layers that flutter against your legs, the sleeves can be removed to make it a much simpler design, and the hat is always an option.

You have to really appreciate the textures Kimmera puts into her designs, every aspect of this ensemble engages you in a sensory experience. The bow is a big satin bow and you know exactly what it feels like, the petals as mentioned above, you can see the weave in the straw hat, feel the flutter of the skirt against your legs. The shading and colouring is exquisite and these colours, in particular, are so complimentary to that spring skin – soft healthy glow but still a little pale from winter – it puts just a hint of pink in the cheeks. This dress is a must for your spring to summer transition and retails in the store now for $800L.

TBSC Petal 2

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“Frolic.” by Kimmera Madison

April 16, 2010 at 1:08 am (Formal) (, , , , , , )

TBSC Frolic1

Frolic was a design created by Kimmera Madison to honour Frolic Mills and his “Tribute to Chanel” Show last year. It is a satin, one piece pant suit, caught at the shoulder in perfectly placed bows. Worn underneath is a gorgeous translucent organza blouse that hints at the merest of coverage before falling away into a waterfall of decadent layers of lace sleeves.

Long, Black, Opera Length Gloves add dimension hidden underneath the cascading sleeves and a gorgeous, pinned tie is caught at the top of the pantsuit, finishing the outfit with a flourish. The hat is simple and complimentary …a repeated bow, and a hint of dark netting …

“Frolic” is something that little lambs do when they play in the springtime . It is also used in racy Elizabethan novels to describe the naughty activities of the Lords and Ladies in the um .. Springtime… summer, winter and fall …. Not much else to do in those Elizabethan days and sometimes it took a whole season just to get out of the clothes never mind the frolicking …. No-one is really sure which of these two mind-blowing images were the impetus for “our” Frolic and why he chose his name but I think it is important for you all to ask him. Kim told me to write this .. cause she really wants to know the truth …

Meanwhile you can Frolic in this gorgeous outfit available now at Tres Beau for $1200L.

TBSC Frolic2

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“Monique.” by Kimmera Madison

April 5, 2010 at 2:48 am (Formal) (, , , , , )

TBSC Monique 7

Monique is one of most delicious wedding gowns I have seen, and the latest in a whole store of gorgeous gowns from Kimmera Madison with Tres Beau.

TBSC Monique 3

She begins the dress with a butter soft milk Satin layered at the bottom to break up the heaviness and create a flow as the gown graces the ground. She attaches it to a shimmered toile that is etched with baby roses in the most subtle and delicate of designs. She adds necessary structure to the bodice with boning delicately framed with matching satin ribbons of the most narrow of widths taking very little away from how delicate everything comes together. The bodice is then corsetted , laced in the back, with decadently thick satin ribbons. Modesty cups are softly draped sheer white, worked in as part of the design as the scalloped finished edge of the toile beautifully skim the breasts and present a gorgeous neckline that meets perfectly with the upper edge of the fingerless matching opera length gloves.

TBSC Monique 2

TBSC Monique 5

TBSC Monique 1

The exquisite worked overskirt is matching shimmered toile to the bodice, draped like spun sugar and caught in place with satin jewelled roses. The contrast of the toile and the fussiness compared to the underskirt of smooth satin is stunning. Kimmera has then attached a cascading layered train of matching satin. These layers have been folded and blended in such a way that the train flows perfectly behind the bride without catching on everything in its path.

TBSC Monique 6

TBSC Monique 4

The headpiece and veil takes ribbons of that same shimmered toile and some of the satin, and drapes and pins them together into a soft rose like crown. This has then been attached to a few simple and slightly gathered pieces of an open shimmered netting. The overall effect is simply breathtaking.

The entire ensemble retails for $2,500L and is available at the store now.

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“Rose Sherbert” by Kimmera Madison

April 1, 2010 at 3:36 pm (Casual) (, , , , , , )

TBSC Rose Sherbert

I imagine you think all the renderings by designers have inspired names but sometimes a “rose by any other name ….” It simply is what it is .. who cares what the name is ….

In this case Rose Sherbert has nothing to do with that but I made a commitment to my writing class to work that line in somewhere so now I get an “A.” (Ok there is only me and a stuffed teddy in the class and it happens in my closet but darn that teddy makes me work hard…) Rose Sherbert was named after an old lady who lived down the street from Kimmera Madison …. She had 18 cats and liked to wear straw hats with flowers glue gunned onto them , crinolines, and no bra … it was not a pretty sight. One day Kimmera, on her skate board, ran over one of the cats … and Rose sued her …In the ensuing battle Kimmera called her a bunch of names and made fun of the way she dressed and Rose was traumatized and has been in therapy ever since.  Part of the settlement was emoitional and financial restitution which Kimmera has now completed by naming this outfit after the old woman and placing all donations towards providing good homes for cats … and Rose Sherbert….

YOU however will love this outfit now, even before you get old and run around with 18 cats and no bra ( not necessarily in that order). Just in time for spring you have a deep cut bodice of pale striped green, slightly gathered as it tucks into the wide contrasting (in texture grain and colour) waist band of bright pink. The waist is further detailed with a beautiful cluster of lilies of varying pinks . The skirt is short and kicky for spring, full repeat of the soft striped greens, edged with a wide band of darker solid ribbon.

The hat is fantastic with its mimic of the waist flowers and wide brim making the whole ensemble perfect for a nice day out, or a garden party. This outfit however, is not recommended for skate boarding.

It retails for $600L and I have paired with shoes from Baiastice and Jewellery from U&R Dog.

TBSC Rose Sherbert 2

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“Fractured Spring.” by Kimmera Madison

March 29, 2010 at 2:12 pm (Formal) (, , , , )

TBSC Fractured Spring Grape

Kimmera Madison, after the long cold months of winter, had a melt down with this latest design called Fractured Spring. She sat in her room with her lovely new paint box – an early Easter Present that was hidden under her parents bed, that she opened. Hoping not to be discovered, but with chocolate all over her face and her new white frilly dress .. she was busted ….

She and the paint box were locked in her room .. grounded for a month.

Breaking out from the dark drabness Kimmera spilled her paintbox on these beautiful designs ….Literally an explosion of colour, these perky spring dresses look more like art, both in texture and design. Complicated attachments at the neck and hips of lace and ruffles frame the tight mini dress as it moves through several dress genres, refusing to be named. It all works together to create an unusual piece that will turn heads everywhere you go (except the Easter party cause you are now grounded)

Kimmera pairs it with some “out of this world” boot like heels, that are just fun (but do not allow for spring activities like skipping unless you intend to follow it with a face plant.) The dress comes in fushia, grape (shown here) and noir. It retails for $800L.

(oh .. No paints were injured in the production of this piece, the paintbox is intact .. Kimmera however has a fractured butt …hence the name of the dress)  OH and yes .. the probationary period if over and I am FREE to be ME!!!

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“Flannel.” by Kimmera Madison

March 28, 2010 at 12:47 pm (Casual) (, , , , , , , , , )

TBSC Flannel Navy

Even casual with Kimmera Madison has a flair to it. These wonderful high waisted flannel pants are fantastic and can take a woman from a day shopping in style, to a casual date, to travel, to even a casual evening out. It is always a bonus to be slightly over dressed, and some of us are just not jeans and t-shirts type of people.

These sophisticated pants are beautifully tailored in a wider leg, cuffed to finish them and to draw the eye down the leg. The raised waist is accented with gold rivets through which Kimmera uses the softest silk matching ribbon tied in a beautiful bow to remind everyone this woman definitely has a softer side. It is this kind of unexpected details that sets Kimmera’s designs apart and insists to every woman .. she has to have this outfit.

The beautiful semi transparent white lace blouse is off the shoulders, framing the hollow of the neck and collar bone. The scalloped edging skims across the décolletage and is continued over the arms. The bells sleeves are dramatic in their execution with layers of lace falling from the elbow gathers. With each movement of the hand one’s eye is caught in a butterfly movement  of lace as it softly flutters into place.

Elegant, sophisticated, and decidedly feminine, Flannel comes in 4 colour options of Navy (shown here), Grey, Brown and Plum and retails for $350L.

SKIN: Lara
SHOES: Nardcotix
JEWELLERY: Ticky Tacky

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“Bunny.” by Kimmera Madison

March 26, 2010 at 3:42 am (Formal) (, , , )

TBSC Bunny

Caught, and tucked, with careless abandon, layers of varying degrees of blushed pink along with a traditionally beautiful, cabbage rose print of muted pinks and greens tumble from the tight strapless bodice inspired by Dior. A swag of darker pink satin drapes across the breast softening the line and adding interest.

Included with this dress is a wide matching belt to finish off the waist and draw attention, opera length gloves, and layers of various lengths adding shape, texture and movement to the dress.

In the tradition of Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland, and all things princess, Kimmera Madison tenders her token offering to the world of pink just in time for Easter. This is not a frequent, or  comfortable, palette for Kimmera, but she gave in to the pressure of a close friend, and you’ll be so glad that she surrendered.  What better way to dance a spring night away than in this beautiful gown? Retails for $1000L.

TBSC Bunny 1

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“Idylle.” by Kimmera Madison

March 25, 2010 at 1:06 pm (Formal) (, , , , , , , )

TBSC Idylle

Idylle is a piece for violin and piano composed by Edward Elgar in 1884, as his Opus 4, No. 1.  It was Elgar’s first published work. It is dedicated to “Miss E. E., Inverness” A loving gift.

Kimmera Madison’s Idylle, captures Elgar’s infatuation and invokes the essence of the word with its rich colours. Idylle is also a loving gift. a promise to the men of SL. The word Idylle has many shadings and meanings from a romantic interlude, to a narrative, to a short piece of poetry depicting pastoral scenes. You can write you own stories while wearing Idylle.

Idylle has the look of lingerie, and the version in the pictures is plummy purple …. but there is nothing 1800s about this exquisite new, barely there, gown by Tres Beau’s Kimmera Madison. Retailing at $400L you have a colour palette of Blush, Black, Rouge and shown here … Plum, to choose from.

The bodice is formedof silks semi transparent plum and sheer black, framed, and detailed, with black, glossy, silk ribbon of varying widths. Rose and leaf patterned black lace is sewn onto, and edges, the bodice to form the sides and lower portion. Despite the use of such delicate sheers and lace, Kimmera manages to keep the dress appropriate and elegant.

The merest hint of a skirt is formed with stringed drops of handmade, knotted lace, caught and gathered in the front and the back. The visibly intricate detailing on this gown, a signature trademark of all Kimmera’s work, is outstanding. You’ll fall in love with this versatile dress and you’ll certainly be noticed the moment you walk into a room. HE will fall in love with you all over again.

TBSC Idylle 2

SKIN: Nuuna Skins
HAIR: Dejavu
LASHES: K-Design
JEWELLERY: CDC Jewellery (no longer available)
SHOES: 24 Shoo Shoes

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“Garden Party.” by Kimmera Madison

March 24, 2010 at 3:02 pm (Casual) (, , , )

TBSC Garden Party

Garden Party is a spring dress sure to captivate your heart as we finally think about packing away our bulky, winter sweaters and celebrate the soft, bright colours of life finding their way back into our world.  

Garden parties were the rage in the late Victorian era.  Summers would find owners of large estates transforming their gardens into beautiful areas filled with lanterns, soft music, long, buffet tables filled with tasty hors d’oeuvres, and beautifully. unexpected, often secluded, seating for an open air event allowing everyone to completely relax.   Every host tried to outdo their contemporaries with their elite guests dressing to impress and it certainly became .. an occasion for hats!!  Along with the traditional games of lawn bowling and tennis, men, and women, engaged in the art of “flirting” 

Today’s garden parties are more relaxed then those of that bygone time, and can take place anywhere, but it’s still such fun and, oh so fashionable, to be invited to one that recaptures the elegant flavor of those Victorian galas.  In a playful moment, Kimmera Madison paid homage to those genteel events of the late 1800s with a  flirty, fun design.  You’ll adore the flow of this skirt as it moves  with your body as you stroll.  The details on the crinolines are so very pretty. Done in a soft, cool pink with just a hint of underlying purple, the dress fits tight through the bodice.  Garden Party is accented with a contrasting, green belt and ruffles in soft folds over the stiffer crinolines.  The skirt, and crinolines. move as you walk.

Kimmera has topped this summer special off with a cute, folded back, wide brimmed, straw hat with ruffles and a large, contrasting, white bow on the back.  This makes the hat super easy to wear without sacrificing your hairstyle – covering a myriad of problems normally associated with hats in SL.

TBSC Garen Party 2

I’ve complimented thispastel dream of an outfit with a simple, pink heart,  jewelry set and cute heels and ankle socks.  Simple but effective!

SKIN:  CandyDoll
HAIR:  Vignette
SHOES:  Urbanity

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