Sabyn Jewelry!

June 25, 2012 at 1:16 pm (Casual, Uncategorized)

Ladies, you asked for it and here it is!

Kimmera had a lot of requests for the jewelry she wore with the Sabyn release.  Well, she listened to your requests and release it as one set!    Includes a necklace with 5 stone and bead options and 3 cord options, and earring included.

Hurry down to the Tres Beau Designs main store today for your set!


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Tres Beau Chic April Winners

May 2, 2012 at 5:58 pm (Casual, Contests, Formal)

We have teased you long enough.  Here are the winners for April in the Are You Tres Beau Chic Contest.

First place winner is Rea Quar wearing ‘DOTIA’.

Rea expresses the gentle elegance of ‘DOTIA’ in a soft and classical backdrop.



Second place is awarded to Euridice Qork modeling ‘MILITIA’. 

Bold and striking, Euridice dominates this stylish photo.



Third place goes to Nina Brianna adorned in ‘VANITY’. 

At any angle, Nina’s ‘VANITY’ is well deserved.



Each winner brings a different vision to their photos, but all are truly Tres Beau Chic!

All the April entrants deserve a round of applause!  We look forward to seeing what May entries bring starting May 1st.  Deadline for entries is May 15th.  Please review the May contest rules.

You can find all our winner’s photos at the Tres Beau Designs main store along with these and many more gorgeous Kimmera Madison creations.  See you there!

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“Chaplin,” by Kimmera Madison

September 27, 2010 at 9:23 pm (Casual) (, , , , , , )

TBSC Chaplin 1

Chaplin is one of those outfits that should be silly and fun but once again Kimmera Madison delights with her interpretation of a classic and turns it into one of my favourite outfits thus far.

I love the baggy pants caught by both the sack waist and the suspenders. This is the epitome of one of the more pivotal points in fashion where women began to insist on their right to wear pants.

TBSC Chaplin 2

Wikipedia states:

In Britain during the Second World War, because of the rationing of clothing, many women took to wearing their husbands’ civilian clothes, including their trousers, to work while their husbands were away from home serving in the armed forces. This was partly because they were seen as practical garments of workwear and partly to allow women to keep their clothing allowance for other uses. As this practice of wearing trousers became more widespread and as the men’s clothing wore out, replacements were needed. By the summer of 1944, it was reported that sales of women’s trousers were five times more than they had been in the previous year.[17]

In the 1960s, André Courrèges introduced long trousers for women as a fashion item, leading to the era of the pantsuit and designer jeans and the gradual eroding of social prohibitions against girls and women wearing trousers in schools, the workplace and in fine restaurants.

TBSC Chaplin 3

Chaplin pairs the pant with a completely scandalous, sleeveless, see through ruffled lace blouse. It is almost a complete tease to the scandal caused by the “wearing of pants” and we have to smile that the pants were once considered the big “no-no” in women’s fashion.

The gauntlet gloves are a great touch to finish the look. “Chaplin” retails for $600L at Tres Beau and is available in store now.

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“Soho Summer,” by Kimmera Madison

July 24, 2010 at 6:07 pm (Casual) (, , , , )

TBSC Soho Summer 1

Soho Summer is a sumptuous offering in the casual summer dress department from Kimmera Madison at Tres Beau.

TBSC Soho Summer 4

As usual, Kimmera provides options where the bottom ruffles can be removed and the dress can have simpler, cleaner lines for a more casual attitude. I like the attitude of the ruffles at the bottom coupled with the classic shirt dress, and then the exaggerated turn up collar. The deep neckline is very sexy and flashes of leg through the ruffles most enticing.

TBSC Soho Summer 3

This particular version in Chocolate runs the entire colour scheme of cremes to deeper browns and the lovely pattern of the dress is accented with dark brown buttons and belt. The dress also comes in Evergreen and Indigo and is currently available instore.

TBSC Soho Summer 2

Soho Summer retails for $500L.

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“Sail,” by Kimmera Madison

July 22, 2010 at 1:47 pm (Casual) (, , , , )

TBSC Sail 1

Want to come Sailing with me? You can in this stylish summer pant set from Kimmera Madison with Tres Beau.

High waisted flared white pants sport a shoe lace opening at the front that adds to the nautical theme. While not the traditional sailor pant with the button openings on either side, these carry the theme with a real sense of style. A cute little boldly striped top encaptures the whole colour scheme of red white and blue with the striping in blue and white and then one of those fabulous Kimmera Bows on a deep gorgeous red.

TBSC Sail 5

Of course every sailor knows about the sun and Kimmera does not forget that either, with another fantastic hat repeating both the colour theme AND the bow.

TBSC Sail 4

This outfit is available now in store and retails for $400L.

TBSC Sail 3

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“Champagne” by Kimmera Madison

May 6, 2010 at 1:54 pm (Casual) (, , , , )

TBSC Champagne 1

Everyone needs one of these outfits for those casual smart days of summer where shorts or khakis just won’t do and a spring dress is simply not right … voila … the capri pant set “Champagne” by Kimmera Madison of Tres Beau. This outfit comes in your choice of taupe or black and is perfect for those occasions and just in time for your fabulous summer ahead.

TBSC Champagne 3

Kimmera turns the sleeveless bolero like jacket upside down creating unusual interest for the eye, edging the intricate designs in the material with black and catching the top just below the bust with a black frog.

The pants repeat the pattern with a high waist and then cuffs them just below the knee in a band of the same intricate patterned material. You could dress this up to take you into an evening clubbing or take it down just a notch as I have here … for an afternoon shopping or doing lunch at a sidewalk café overlooking the ocean. Either way .. no-one will miss you in this one.

TBSC Champagne 2

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“CHEK.” by Kimmera Madison

May 4, 2010 at 3:23 am (Casual) (, , , , )


CHEK in Bronze is a beautiful quilted leather jacket with a kicky little swing to it and a fabulous popped collar. The belled sleeves on the jacket are nested into one another giving almost a cape effect when the arms are down. It is a hot, saucy style that really speaks to you about attitude and affluence. Two tabbed buttons catch the jacket in the middle covering just the essentials, allowing you to opt for either a sexy hint of skin or you might even want to display a fabulous contrasting sweater underneath.

The pants skim the hips, not quite meeting the jacket. They start out detailed and give way to almost a legging effect, save for the seams that cross the shins and the thighs where the material has been cut on the bias and joined to create a dramatic tailoring detail that again speaks to the quality of workmanship that is Kimmera Madison of Tres Beau. This outfit comes with black driving gloves and a set of Tres Beau Onyx Rectangle Drop Earrings.

CHEK also come in a gorgeous deep cranberry red as well as a sexy black and retails for $600L.

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“Delia.” by Kimmera Madison

April 18, 2010 at 2:29 pm (Casual) (, , , , , , , , , , , , )

TBSC Delia Camel 1

I love those cool spring days where you get to dress up warmly and you know it isn’t the extreme of needing 80 layers or grandpa’s old underwear and hand me down ski pants … just a temporary glitch on the road to summer. This suit “Delia” by Kimmera Madison of Tres Beau is the perfect choice for those days. It is wonderfully styled with her singature lines and unexpected details. You have the the doublebreasted expectation of a walking suit  that is confronted with the puffed sleeves belted in at the elbow in the same dark contrast used at the waist. She repeats the contrast in the edging along the raised collar which finishes everything perfectly.  Kimmera is a master with her lines and always directs where the eye should go in the most interesting ways.  Your options to focus on that componant or add more drama comes in the choice of the short belted jacket or the skirted jacket which creates a dress effect and could be worn as such with a nice pair of heels and perhaps leggings for those colder days.

TBSC Delia Camel 2

The skirt is simple and tight and as always we have the option of a smart hat, this time more of a modified top hat with feathers that are just so right for the feel of this ensemble. She has not forgotten her luxurious and exquisite bow .. and she tucks that beautifully in front of the feathers.

I have chosen some perfect matching pieces to compliment the outfit – great earrings from A&A that ramp up the attention around the face. I love the hair from Tukinowaguma that is perhaps not what one might expect to wear with such a glamourous outfit but I love the constant challenges to the fences we sometimes build around our ideas of what looks right. The bag is new from Puddles and was about as much contrast as I wanted to go while maintaining the depth of the colours. Great detailing here. The boots are also new from JD Drsigns. and were just fun enough to suggest this woman is not a cliche.

Delia retails for $800L.

TBSC Delia Camel 3

HAIR: Tukinowaguma
LASHES: Belleza
OUTFIT: Tres Beau
STOCKINGS: Katatonik
BOOTS: JD Designs
PURSE: Puddles
POSES: BehaviorBody

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“Petals” by Kimmera Madison

April 16, 2010 at 3:05 pm (Casual) (, , , , )

TBSC Petal 1

“Petal” by Kimmera Madison of Tres Beau fulfills the fantasy of every girl to be smothered in a bed of rose petals. This dress comes sans the Prince Charming to do that for you because everyone knows Prince Charming is a fantasy character and not at all real like the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny which rumour has it, Nave Fall will be playing in a compilation piece bridging those two characters with the tragic hero of Macbeth in an updated version of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy … complete with leotards, tutu and basket … Kimmera is working on the outfit right now …I know , I know .. She is incredible!!!

Anyways .. This dress is incredible soft and beautiful .. The colours are so delicate you can feel the petals against your skin. The sleeves and the hem look as if each petal has been hand sewn into place. It gives the impression of being hugged in rose petals. You can almost imagine how decadent that would feel .. and the aroma … wow!

There are so many choices with this dress – you can make the hem simpler – soft layers that flutter against your legs, the sleeves can be removed to make it a much simpler design, and the hat is always an option.

You have to really appreciate the textures Kimmera puts into her designs, every aspect of this ensemble engages you in a sensory experience. The bow is a big satin bow and you know exactly what it feels like, the petals as mentioned above, you can see the weave in the straw hat, feel the flutter of the skirt against your legs. The shading and colouring is exquisite and these colours, in particular, are so complimentary to that spring skin – soft healthy glow but still a little pale from winter – it puts just a hint of pink in the cheeks. This dress is a must for your spring to summer transition and retails in the store now for $800L.

TBSC Petal 2

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“Vested.” by Kimmera Madison

April 2, 2010 at 6:34 pm (Casual) (, , , , , , , , , )

TBSC Vested

A long narrow black skirt, as staple for every serious wardrobe is paired with a completely sexy red and black brocade, satin vest in this fabulous grouping called “Vested.”   The often severe combination is acceptable for classic and business looks, and while Kimmera Madison can sling classic and business with the best of them .. she was not done. She forgot about the crisp starched shirt, pearls or a scarf and went straight for the jugular. Always with the unexpected, Kimmera uses a decadent ruffled black satin on the inner edges of the vest taking what could have been , left without a shirt underneath, a very constructed and daring piece, and making it decidedly feminine and wow!! Then she spanks the whole outfit with a serious black leather buckled brace belt that hugs tight over the hips. Add a touch of sophistication with long black, scrunched satin gloves and you have a Sophexylassic!! Sophisticate, sexy and classic!! WOW !!

“Vested” Retails for $500L and is in Tres Beau now!

TBSC Vested 1

SKIN: Dantel
HAIR: YunA’sHair
LASHES: Celestial Studios (currently closed for remodelling)
SHOES: Lemania

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