Elie Saab Tribute Dress At Fashion Week

Are you looking for a short cocktail dress?  Maybe an elegant tea-length dress?   Or do you need an evening gown?

With ELIE you get all three in one dress!

Tres Beau Elie, Azure

Tres Beau Elie, Claret

Tres Beau Elie, Sienna

This partial Mesh dress has a rich look for a bargain price.  Wear the dress alone with the sparkling jeweled belt accessory or add the mid-length or full-length tulle skirt.

Tres Beau ELIE Jewels, sold separately from the ELIE dress, is a necklace, earrings and cocktail ring set that perfectly compliments the Tres Beau ELIE dress.  Also available in 3 matching colors.

Tres Beau Elie Jewels, Azure

Tres Beau Elie Jewels, Claret

Tres Beau Elie Jewels, Sienna

Visit Tres Beau Designs today!


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