Become a Tres Beau *STAR* in Hollywood

All ladies are stars in their own rights, but have you ever wanted to be on the Silver Screen?  Thanks to Tres Beau Designs, you are ready for Hollywood!

Get ready to have the Paparazzi snapping your photo as you stroll the red carpet in the gorgeous STARLET gown!  In four FABULOUS colors, STARLET is the kind of dress that will have the men’s jaws dropping and the ladies drooling in envy.

Tres Beau Starlet, black

Tres Beau Starlet, purple

Tres Beau Starlet, peach

Tres Beau Starlet, bronze

And when you want to hide from all the cameras and adoring fans, slip into the elegant INCOGNITO outfit.  Dress, shoes, handbag and scarf/hair are sold separately.

Tres Beau Incognito full

Hurry to the Hollywood event today, because it is only open from March 30th to April 14th.  No fooling!


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