Tres Beau Chic April Winners

We have teased you long enough.  Here are the winners for April in the Are You Tres Beau Chic Contest.

First place winner is Rea Quar wearing ‘DOTIA’.

Rea expresses the gentle elegance of ‘DOTIA’ in a soft and classical backdrop.



Second place is awarded to Euridice Qork modeling ‘MILITIA’. 

Bold and striking, Euridice dominates this stylish photo.



Third place goes to Nina Brianna adorned in ‘VANITY’. 

At any angle, Nina’s ‘VANITY’ is well deserved.



Each winner brings a different vision to their photos, but all are truly Tres Beau Chic!

All the April entrants deserve a round of applause!  We look forward to seeing what May entries bring starting May 1st.  Deadline for entries is May 15th.  Please review the May contest rules.

You can find all our winner’s photos at the Tres Beau Designs main store along with these and many more gorgeous Kimmera Madison creations.  See you there!


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