2012 Fashion For Life Is OPEN!

Ladies and gentlemen, please take some time out of your busy Second Life and visit the Fashion For Life SIMs.  Fashion For Life is open from March 10th – 20th, consists of ten SIMs.  All proceeds from the special Fashion For Life vendors go to the Relay For Life/American Cancer Society.

Our very own Kimmera Madison was the designer of the Official 2012 Fashion For Life Gown called ‘Time Is Precious’.  How true that is!

Along with the ‘Time Is Precious’ gown, Kimmera also created ‘It’s Time’, a lovely jewelry set consisting of necklace, earrings and ring.

Also available at Fashion For Life in special vendors are two other dresses, ‘Georgia Rose’ and ‘Red Carpet’ in royal blue.







Kimmera didn’t stop there!  There is a hunt package hidden in the Tres Beau Fashion For Life Store and a Gacha vendor!









Stop by the Epoque SIM, sponsored by Tres Beau Designs, for these and many more amazing designs.  ‘Time Is Precious’ is EXCLUSIVE to the Fashion For Life event and is only available until March 20th.   100% of proceeds of the items above go to the American Cancer Society.

In the fight against cancer, time is not on our side.  Every donation matters!


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