Are You Tres Beau Chic? February Winners

The results are in for the first month’s Tres Beau Chic styling contest, after a knock down drag out voting war that had voices raised and threats made ……………… suffice it to say there were many renditions of Tres Beau outfits submitted and we, sincerely, thank all the entrants for their participation.  We know how hard you worked at these stylings and photos.

Without further adieu, the best of the best for February are:

CindyS Tatham wearing Foxtail in a brilliantly styled, and posed, shot. Cindy will be appearing in Tres Beau’s magazine ads in March ( which she’s going to shoot, since she’s a great photographer as well as a great model).

Xia Firethorn wearing Frolic like it’s never been worn before…………. EVER.

and …

Bridgette Galaxy wearing Miss Virtual World 2012 Miss Turkey’s National Costume in an mystically lit and colorful woodland setting. with god knows what lurking in the background.

Again all of us at Tres Beau: Kimmera Madison, Anne Daumig and I want to thank everyone who entered and to encourage all of you to study the winners and try again next month when we’ll do this again with, carefully, refined rules that will be understood more easily.

Warm regards,

Nave Fall
Tres Beau


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