“Milea” by Kimmera Madison

by:  Bliss Windlow

TBSC Milea 1

Bustled, embroidered, etched, draped and feathered… Milea is an intoxicating offering from the soon to be wed, Kimmera Madison of Tres Beau. Love must compliment her because it shows in her latest pieces, of which this is one example. Milea is spellbinding with its rich black and purple presentation that creates an air of drama and mystery.

The textures and work in this dress are probably some of the finest I have seen in SL. The bodice consists of sheer black lace for the shoulder area that attaches to purple leather in the corset. She created a panel in the back of silver embroidery and repeated it on the edgings at the front. The corset is closed with gold frogs.

The worked black leather of the overlay on the skirt is a myriad of lines giving texture and flow and creates an almost armour feel before giving way to the layers of sheer purple lace that dance around the legs. Dark embroidery on the overskirt also creates dimension and drama. Kimmera sculpts the skirt into a shape that is just so sexy and fun – you will love this addition to your SL wardrobe.

TBSC Milea 2

The shoulders are covered in a fantastic purple feathered wrap and scrunched leather gloves are added. The hat is simple and effective and takes this outfit right to the top with “Wow” factor.

You can dress the outfit down by removing the hat, the feathers and the overskirt to have a really hot mini dress that is much more subtle but equally ramped.

This set is in store now and retails for $800L.

HAIR: Analog Dog
SKIN: Iconic
LASHES: Chaisuki
DRESS: Tres Beau
SHOES: FJ Design


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