“Phe” by Kimmera Madison

TBSC Phe 1

Tres Beau’s, Kimmera Madison, introduces “Phe” one of her latest creations.  She named the dress after a very special little girl in her life whose fashion acumen is world renowned and indisputable.  She looked at Kimmera in the dress and pronounced both of them “beautiful”  .. enough said!

There is nothing “little girl” about this incredible gown however … it is simply dazzling.  Using a cypress like layer crisscrossed with lace and ribbons, the barely-there bodice skims the body with a beautiful elongated line over the hips .  The skirt consists of layers of the same charcoals in various shadings, falling in layered, petalled folds.  As you walk the layers swirl around you providing brief glimpses of thigh and leg.

A simple wrap of the same is worn around the shoulders softening the lines and framing the face.  This is just another example of the many stunning sexy gowns available at Tres Beau.

“Phe” retails for $800L.

TBSC Phe 2


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