“Honey.” by Kimmera Madison

TBSC Honey 1

Honey is a liquid dream of shaded organza that floats over the body in soft petalled layers. This gown is the stuff dreams are made off with its exquisite iridescent shimmer that captures every movement in a dance of shadows, subtle shading, and light.

A cascade of gold laced leafing and flowers trace from the strapless bodice up the one shoulder and give way to another layer that drapes from the shoulder and down the back. There is an ethereal quality to the dress, as Kimmera Madison of Tres Beau manages to capture the very feel of the dress in her ability to combine details of material with the movement. It is perfection personified.

This gorgeous dress was named for the beautiful Honey Fairweather and is one of three dresses featured in the Maniera Magazines Phenomenal Women edition, honouring Honey, Solange Benoir and Kimmera.

Honey retails for $800L.

TBSC Honey 4

TBSC Honey 3


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