“CHEK.” by Kimmera Madison


CHEK in Bronze is a beautiful quilted leather jacket with a kicky little swing to it and a fabulous popped collar. The belled sleeves on the jacket are nested into one another giving almost a cape effect when the arms are down. It is a hot, saucy style that really speaks to you about attitude and affluence. Two tabbed buttons catch the jacket in the middle covering just the essentials, allowing you to opt for either a sexy hint of skin or you might even want to display a fabulous contrasting sweater underneath.

The pants skim the hips, not quite meeting the jacket. They start out detailed and give way to almost a legging effect, save for the seams that cross the shins and the thighs where the material has been cut on the bias and joined to create a dramatic tailoring detail that again speaks to the quality of workmanship that is Kimmera Madison of Tres Beau. This outfit comes with black driving gloves and a set of Tres Beau Onyx Rectangle Drop Earrings.

CHEK also come in a gorgeous deep cranberry red as well as a sexy black and retails for $600L.


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