“Exotique.” by Kimmera Madison

TBSC Exotique 1

“Exotique” delivers everything the name implies. How anyone can take some straps, wrap them around the body and make them stylish and beautiful is beyond me. I tried that once and when I went out an ambulance tried to pick me up thinking I had escaped from the emergency room and my bandadges were coming off .. although perhaps I should not have used white gauze ….

This stunning, sexy design from Kimmera Madison with Tres Beau is all about seduction and that special someone and an evening that I am not allowed to write about but participants on Zindra are currently exploring … Every single drape of this scarf accents and delivers the female shape .. and Kimmera never forgets the woman in her designs with beautifully placed bows that just seem incredibly appropriate. It is the dilemma within most women . .. the sexual raw side and the feminine … we should never be asked to compromise. Kimmera never compromises her designs, and never leaves them where most designers would .. she always pushes the limits and finds something to express the inner feelings.

TBSC Exotique 2

I love the feather boa and the restraint she used to just give enough to soften, but not to cover and overpower. The slouched opera gloves are perfect again, to create texture and detailing and making a statement that keeps this outfit from taking itself too seriously.  I find the whole hip design to be incredibly sexy – the thong showing at a different angle, the bow that begs a man to release the whole outfit with a simple tug … and the thigh with the stockinged leg always showing through … she has framed that leg perfectly in the swirling pieces of the skirt. The texture on the bows are exquisite and speak of luxury… not cute or tacky in any way. This is a very sophisticated, sexually feminine, design.

TBSC Exotique 3

Ok I have to go take a cold shower now … I have been wearing this dress for two days and my hubby is exhausted and said he is getting a restraining order if I come near him again before he has time to recoup …

HAIR: Glam Affair
LASHES: Belleza
EARRINGS: Meghindo’s
SHOES: Taboo
DRESS: Tres Beau
POSES: BehaviorBody


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