“Monique.” by Kimmera Madison

TBSC Monique 7

Monique is one of most delicious wedding gowns I have seen, and the latest in a whole store of gorgeous gowns from Kimmera Madison with Tres Beau.

TBSC Monique 3

She begins the dress with a butter soft milk Satin layered at the bottom to break up the heaviness and create a flow as the gown graces the ground. She attaches it to a shimmered toile that is etched with baby roses in the most subtle and delicate of designs. She adds necessary structure to the bodice with boning delicately framed with matching satin ribbons of the most narrow of widths taking very little away from how delicate everything comes together. The bodice is then corsetted , laced in the back, with decadently thick satin ribbons. Modesty cups are softly draped sheer white, worked in as part of the design as the scalloped finished edge of the toile beautifully skim the breasts and present a gorgeous neckline that meets perfectly with the upper edge of the fingerless matching opera length gloves.

TBSC Monique 2

TBSC Monique 5

TBSC Monique 1

The exquisite worked overskirt is matching shimmered toile to the bodice, draped like spun sugar and caught in place with satin jewelled roses. The contrast of the toile and the fussiness compared to the underskirt of smooth satin is stunning. Kimmera has then attached a cascading layered train of matching satin. These layers have been folded and blended in such a way that the train flows perfectly behind the bride without catching on everything in its path.

TBSC Monique 6

TBSC Monique 4

The headpiece and veil takes ribbons of that same shimmered toile and some of the satin, and drapes and pins them together into a soft rose like crown. This has then been attached to a few simple and slightly gathered pieces of an open shimmered netting. The overall effect is simply breathtaking.

The entire ensemble retails for $2,500L and is available at the store now.


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