“Rose Sherbert” by Kimmera Madison

TBSC Rose Sherbert

I imagine you think all the renderings by designers have inspired names but sometimes a “rose by any other name ….” It simply is what it is .. who cares what the name is ….

In this case Rose Sherbert has nothing to do with that but I made a commitment to my writing class to work that line in somewhere so now I get an “A.” (Ok there is only me and a stuffed teddy in the class and it happens in my closet but darn that teddy makes me work hard…) Rose Sherbert was named after an old lady who lived down the street from Kimmera Madison …. She had 18 cats and liked to wear straw hats with flowers glue gunned onto them , crinolines, and no bra … it was not a pretty sight. One day Kimmera, on her skate board, ran over one of the cats … and Rose sued her …In the ensuing battle Kimmera called her a bunch of names and made fun of the way she dressed and Rose was traumatized and has been in therapy ever since.  Part of the settlement was emoitional and financial restitution which Kimmera has now completed by naming this outfit after the old woman and placing all donations towards providing good homes for cats … and Rose Sherbert….

YOU however will love this outfit now, even before you get old and run around with 18 cats and no bra ( not necessarily in that order). Just in time for spring you have a deep cut bodice of pale striped green, slightly gathered as it tucks into the wide contrasting (in texture grain and colour) waist band of bright pink. The waist is further detailed with a beautiful cluster of lilies of varying pinks . The skirt is short and kicky for spring, full repeat of the soft striped greens, edged with a wide band of darker solid ribbon.

The hat is fantastic with its mimic of the waist flowers and wide brim making the whole ensemble perfect for a nice day out, or a garden party. This outfit however, is not recommended for skate boarding.

It retails for $600L and I have paired with shoes from Baiastice and Jewellery from U&R Dog.

TBSC Rose Sherbert 2


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