“Fractured Spring.” by Kimmera Madison

TBSC Fractured Spring Grape

Kimmera Madison, after the long cold months of winter, had a melt down with this latest design called Fractured Spring. She sat in her room with her lovely new paint box – an early Easter Present that was hidden under her parents bed, that she opened. Hoping not to be discovered, but with chocolate all over her face and her new white frilly dress .. she was busted ….

She and the paint box were locked in her room .. grounded for a month.

Breaking out from the dark drabness Kimmera spilled her paintbox on these beautiful designs ….Literally an explosion of colour, these perky spring dresses look more like art, both in texture and design. Complicated attachments at the neck and hips of lace and ruffles frame the tight mini dress as it moves through several dress genres, refusing to be named. It all works together to create an unusual piece that will turn heads everywhere you go (except the Easter party cause you are now grounded)

Kimmera pairs it with some “out of this world” boot like heels, that are just fun (but do not allow for spring activities like skipping unless you intend to follow it with a face plant.) The dress comes in fushia, grape (shown here) and noir. It retails for $800L.

(oh .. No paints were injured in the production of this piece, the paintbox is intact .. Kimmera however has a fractured butt …hence the name of the dress)  OH and yes .. the probationary period if over and I am FREE to be ME!!!


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