“Garden Party.” by Kimmera Madison

TBSC Garden Party

Garden Party is a spring dress sure to captivate your heart as we finally think about packing away our bulky, winter sweaters and celebrate the soft, bright colours of life finding their way back into our world.  

Garden parties were the rage in the late Victorian era.  Summers would find owners of large estates transforming their gardens into beautiful areas filled with lanterns, soft music, long, buffet tables filled with tasty hors d’oeuvres, and beautifully. unexpected, often secluded, seating for an open air event allowing everyone to completely relax.   Every host tried to outdo their contemporaries with their elite guests dressing to impress and it certainly became .. an occasion for hats!!  Along with the traditional games of lawn bowling and tennis, men, and women, engaged in the art of “flirting” 

Today’s garden parties are more relaxed then those of that bygone time, and can take place anywhere, but it’s still such fun and, oh so fashionable, to be invited to one that recaptures the elegant flavor of those Victorian galas.  In a playful moment, Kimmera Madison paid homage to those genteel events of the late 1800s with a  flirty, fun design.  You’ll adore the flow of this skirt as it moves  with your body as you stroll.  The details on the crinolines are so very pretty. Done in a soft, cool pink with just a hint of underlying purple, the dress fits tight through the bodice.  Garden Party is accented with a contrasting, green belt and ruffles in soft folds over the stiffer crinolines.  The skirt, and crinolines. move as you walk.

Kimmera has topped this summer special off with a cute, folded back, wide brimmed, straw hat with ruffles and a large, contrasting, white bow on the back.  This makes the hat super easy to wear without sacrificing your hairstyle – covering a myriad of problems normally associated with hats in SL.

TBSC Garen Party 2

I’ve complimented thispastel dream of an outfit with a simple, pink heart,  jewelry set and cute heels and ankle socks.  Simple but effective!

SKIN:  CandyDoll
HAIR:  Vignette
SHOES:  Urbanity


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