“White Linen.” by Kimmera Madison

TBSC White Linen

White Linen – does anything speak more to a woman’s heart about the transition to the warm seasons than white linen?  The decadent pleasures of ,finally, putting on a crisp. white suit or dress, strapping on some perfect heels and heading out into the sunshine, might just be better than sex.  It’s off with the dull, heavy, dark woolens of winter and welcome to the warmth, sunshine, and endless possibilities of spring.  We feel the glow of the summer months beginning to emerge from within and we’re anxious to embrace that renewed freedom.

This is the feeling that Kimmera Madison’s newest offering, White Linen, evokes for me. With the swing, movement and cut of a coat dress, completed with wide lapels and its stand up collar, one can as easily go from business luncheon, to a glorious, summer’s afternoon sipping wine, or cocktails, curbside with the girls. 

Kimmera doesn’t stop there. She amps up the appeal of this dress by adding an unexpected slit, flashing glimpses of the leg all the way up the thigh to where the dress is caught with a single, big bow, giving an invitation of quick, and easy, access to that special someone.

Wear it with, or without, the contrasting tube top, that depends on your confidence, and your mood. One thing’s for sure, THIS is a dress that WILL get you noticed. Spring is, definitely, here and the coming summer months are going to be HOT!!!

TBSC White Linen a    TBSC White Linen b


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