Tres Beau’s homage to Paul ” Fred ” Varjak

Presenting the first of a new series of Tres Beau menswear designs  – THE VARJAK by Kimmera Madison of Tres Beau

In the 1961 movie, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, George Peppard played the character of Paul “Fred“ Varjak. What made this film work, stunningly, well is the remarkable charm, and attraction, of its two stars. Most of the attention went, and still goes, to Audrey Hepburn. The film shows her to advantage: she is a remarkable, classic, even iconic,  actress, personality, and beauty, and she works wonders with the ultra light script. But when it comes to charm, George Peppard is no slouch either: the film catches him at the height of his early golden-boy good looks, and he is the perfect foil for Hepburn in both their comic and dramatic scenes. Romantic and it holds up despite almost 50 years having passed since it debuted.

Kimmera Madison is a fan of the movie and what woman wouldn’t glance over her shoulder at the Redfordesque, Varjak, character. Tres Beau recently participated in the New York Fashion Week show, engineered, and co-directed, by Lola Baudin and Topaz Joubert, respectively by the CEOs of IMAGE Modeling and Maniera Productions, and inspired by Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Tres Beau’s show was conducted on a custom set designed just for us and made by Maniera’s master builder Nox Deigan.

Tres Beau debuted  many, new outfits at this  show but my personal favorite is a suit, The Varjak, which was named in honor of George Peppard’s character in the movie. I’m a guy, I love the women’s formal gowns and business wear that is Kimmera’s usual work, but I have been haranguing her to do some new men’s designs and she finally assented.  She hit this one out of the park.

The Varjak suit is a very highly evolved version of a classic men’s double breasted suit in a charcoal grey wool  with a pale red chalkstripe. You can almost feel this texture when you look at it. Every seam, every detail of this ensemble dovetail together to 3 decimal places.

Many people feel that there is no more flattering look for a man then a double breasted suit and I agree,  If a better double breasted suit exists currently in SL it’s news to me. I’ searched. I’ve looked. I’ve bought several. They sit in my inventory unworn , echoing the famous Brook Brothers quote, ” The most expensive clothes you own are the ones you don’t wear…….” Blaze used to have a very nice dobled breated suit but they don’t sell it any more. Soooooo I’ve shopped and shopped and shopped til now. Kim came to the rescue of the sartorially sphisticated male consumers of SL. 

The Varjak isn’t one of those cheap L$500 5 piece (jacket, skirt, trousers, shirt and prim tie) creations either. The Varjak has 15 pieces spread over 3 layers including 4 lapel options.  

Lapel only ( you can style it to you taste with accessories you own)

Lapel w/ascot

Lapel w/bowtie

Lapel w/tie

These lapels have a sizing script and the 3 different neckwear choices come with a dozen HUD controlled color textures each yielding 36 tie/ascot/bowtie possibilities in toto.

The pants offer possibilities too with 3 ways to wear them and perfectly, integrated leg prims, Not cuffed. btw. Cuffs on this suit would be strange. The jacket also has several different layer options  and includes, the now obligatory (IMHO) prim sleeve/cuffs which  savvy shoppers have come to demand from SL’s quality menwear designers. I’m completely baffled by the skintight jacket layer in SL that clings to every muscle, looking almost painted on, while the shirt layer are much more realistic and, hopefully, for the designer, easier to cope with.

The shirt is quite dressy and works well with the jacket. It’s an undershirt layer piece.

Kimmera is a big fan of styling cards (going forward on the Tres Beau blog we will include these as a matter of course) so here’s mine:

Skin: Belleza Jonas Deep Tan

Shape – Custom shape designed by Andra Anatine (Get Andracized)

Hair: Tami McCoy – Heat in Coconut

Eyes: Aitui – Mirage Eyes – Emerald Hills – Veins

Jacket: Tres Beau – Varjak Double Breasted

Shirt: Tres Beau – Varjak

Trousers: Tres Beau – Varjak

Shoes: [Hoorenbeek] Strap Loafers with brown socks in burgundy

Glasses:  Primoptics Reban Aviators – clear

Cigar: R&V Concepts 1

Watch: GBTM – Classic gold

Wedding Ring: JCNY

Next up I’ll look at the Charles and maybe a peek at some silk boxers. Check back, soon,

I’m just,

 Nave Fall

Copyright © 2010 Nave Fall- Tres Beau Designs/The Strong Persuaders – all rights reserved


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